Right way to use Kratom

Kratom is a famous plant. Basically, this plant belongs to the family of coffee. Coffee family is high up as a Rubiaceae family. This family is an affiliate with flowering plants. It is an everlastingly green plant. This plant is home-grown in the regions of South-East Asia. The countries that are fortunate enough to have this tree include Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Borneo.

Kratom was first explained in 1839 by a botanist named Pieter Korthals. He named this plant as well but later it was renamed in 1859 by George Darby. As kratom raise up the energy level, it was firstly used by the farmers only. They use it to amplify their energy to work vigorously in the fields. Later it becomes well-liked among the peoples as they come to know about the reimbursement we are getting from it. Now it is very frequently used around the world.


But many people have been observed ignoring the right way to use Kratom. There is always a right and accurate way of using anything. In fact, the major effects of any medicine or herb depend upon or way of using it. If we use it in the right way we will be able to enjoy incredible effects of it but if we do not then we may have to face diverse effects. Therefore the right way of using Kratom should not be ignored. Now the question is that what is the right way of using Kratom?

Right way of using Kratom:

Followings ways are considered best and right ways to use Kratom:

  • Toss and wash method:

It is one of the fastest methods of using Kratom. In this method, you just have to take Kratom powder in your mouth and drink water or juice. It is known as the direct method of ingesting Kratom. Some people avoid this method because they cannot bear the taste of Kratom.

  • Kratom capsules:

It is another as well as the easiest way to take Kratom. In this way, you just need to swallow a Kratom capsule. This way also helps you to avoid the bitterness of Kratom.

  • Kratom tea:

Kratom tea is another right as well as a quick method of ingesting Kratom. You can make Kratom tea by boiling Kratom leaves or powder with water for 30 – 35 minutes. You can also mix Kratom powder in your herbal tea.

  • Adding Kratom in food or drinks:

Another effective method to use Kratom is to add it with your food or juice. This way will help you a bit to avoid the bitter and acidic taste of Kratom.

Note: Kratom should not be smoked. Kratom smoking affects the nutrients in Kratom and lessens its effective power as well as it is not good for our health.


Best time to take Kratom:

Kratom shows best effects on an empty stomach. Therefore try to take Kratom when you haven’t eaten anything. It should be taken 1 hour before eating or 2 hours after eating.

Ideal Dosage for Kratom:

It is always recommended to start with a dose of 2 grams. If you are a regular user then you can take in between 2 – 4 grams. Avoid taking a high dose of Kratom as it will give diverse effects and you will also develop tolerance toward Kratom soon.


If you want the best effects of Kratom then you should not avoid the precautions for using Kratom. Kratom should always be used with the right as well as accurate way.