Compelling Reasons for Investing In Ring Doorbells

A smart doorbell basically operates like its conventional counterparts, but with a few enhancements. It comes with a camera for a live video feed and security monitoring as well as a two-way audio system that allows communication with a visitor at the front door. Also, it features motion systems for proximity alerts.

A smart doorbell can be connected to other devices, allowing the homeowner to control and monitor their door from a distance. While investing in this device might sound extravagant, the following are some compelling reasons for installing one.

Easy Visitor Recognition

When the doorbell rings, there’s no telling who the visitor might be especially if you aren’t expecting anyone. Sure, it could be your neighbor, a door-to-door salesperson or the mailman, but it might also be an unscrupulous person. Like most homeowners, you probably tiptoe towards the door and peek through the peephole to see who’s on the other side of your door, which can be very inconveniencing.

This is where a ring doorbell comes in handy as it allows you to not only see the visitor but also communicate with them without opening the door or even stopping what you’re doing.

Monitor your Doorway while Away

A ring doorbell comes equipped with security features like cameras, remote viewing apps, and motion sensors. While at work or on vacation, you can utilize these features to monitor the activities at your home’s entrance. These features will also allow you to keep an eye on the packages and mail when they’re being dropped off. You may also communicate with the delivery person and tell them the safest place to keep your parcel.

Ring doorbells also capture a snapshot of your guest and synchronize it with the time and date of their visit, allowing you to know who stopped by and at what exact period. You may also save the videos for later viewing on a cloud account, but this will cost you a few dollars a year.

They are Compatible with other Smart Devices

A smart Doorbell comes with apps that are compatible with all smartphones. You can connect the doorbell with an app on your smartphone or computer through an account on the manufacturer’s website. Alternatively, you could download the app through Windows, iOS, Mac OS or Android. These apps feature push notifications that allow you to know when there’s motion at the door and when someone pushes the ring bell.

Smart Lock

This smart doorbell can also sync with a smart lock, which will not only allow you to see your visitor but also unlock the door for them. You may also use the apps to let in a family member or friend when they need to access your house or feed the pets when you’re traveling.


Thanks to the advancement of technology, smart doorbells can now do a lot more than notifying a homeowner when they have company. It allows them direct communication with the visitor in addition to providing a video of the occurrences at the home’s entrance. What’s more, these gadgets are compatible with smart devices like locks and phones to give you optimal control over the door even when you’re not at home. They also save videos and pictures that can be used as evidence in the event of an invasion.